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wrench, candace blevins

Wrench (Rolling Thunder MC Birmingham #6) by Candace Blevins – Free eBooks Download


A motorcycle club kinky daddy paranormal romance…

Wrench recently moved to the Birmingham RTMC chapter from Mobile after his sister went through a nasty breakup and needed him. He’s good friends with Khan, who has more house than he needs, and who welcomed both Wrench and his sister to live with him.
The nearest neighbor is two hundred yards away, but with the help of his werewolf hearing, Wrench hears a ruckus, goes to investigate, and finds an all-girls party happening with an unwelcome male guest. He runs the asshole off, and his neighbor invites him to hang out for the rest of the party.
Tori, short for Victoria, long ago stopped using her trust fund, and eschewed society and all forms of materialism. She lived without electricity for so long after the battle, now that it’s finally restored, she still doesn’t have it. Her small house is paid for, and she makes enough money finishing sheetrock a few weeks a year to pay for the food she can’t grow or kill. No attachments, no outside responsibilities, and that’s the way she likes it.

Until the biker from next door comes into her life and throws everything upside down. How does he know she’s always wanted a daddy, but is too scared to let one all the way into her life? And how does he manage to do just that before she even realizes he has?

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