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one fine may, courtney mccaskill

One Fine May (The Rake Review #5) by Courtney McCaskill – Free eBooks Download


One Fine May…
Furious that his son was featured in the notorious Rake Review column, Evander Beauclerk’s stickler father issues an ultimatum: give up his dissolute ways and marry a respectable woman by the end of the month, or the family fortune will go to his dimwitted cousin. Vander knows plenty of courtesans and opera dancers, but only one respectable woman, and that’s his best friend’s little sister, Lady Leticia Daughtrey. Desperate, he asks Letty to help him find a suitable bride.

He’ll look and see…
For one heartbreaking moment, Letty thought Vander was asking her to marry him. The notion isn’t so far-fetched—after two men issued competing proposals in the middle of a crowded ballroom, the bachelors of London have developed a newfound appreciation for the girl they’d always taken for granted.

And he will know their love was meant to be…
Now, not only does Letty have to figure out which of her own suitors to marry, she’s tasked with finding a bride for the man she’s pined after for years. But Letty isn’t going down without a fight. If she’s going to help Vander, he can bloody well help her, too. And how can she choose which man should share her bed for the rest of her life if she’s never even had a proper kiss? Letty and Vander’s tutorials quickly go from illustratory to incendiary. Which is just how Letty wants it. Because…

One Fine May, he’s gonna want her for his girl!

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