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savior, jenny lynn

Savior (City of Sin #3) by Jenny Lynn – Free eBooks Download


We used to twirl around in the garden; I held hands with my older sister, laughing and dizzy, singing a song. How did it go again? Husha, husha, we all fall down? Dana, I tried so hard to find you. I never gave up hope. But now, that hope will be the death of everyone I love.
Husha, husha.
We all fall down.

I thought I could have it all. I thought I could keep this secret forever, that I could live in the shadows and dispense my own brand of justice without consequences. I was wrong, and now, my arrogance might cost me everything.
I was proud. I was in charge of my life, in control. I asked for nothing from no one. Now I need to set aside my pride and ask for help, from everyone I kept at arms length. Otherwise, I’ll never see her again.
The monsters from my past.
The surprising allies who came to my side.
Will it be enough? Will I finally be able to set aside my dark past, and walk with her into the light?
I’ve seen so much evil in my lifetime; was it ever possible for this story to have a happy ending?

I kept asking questions, and now that I finally had answers, I wish I had never asked them at all. The secrecy, the lies, the trails that led to no where… they were all warnings, and I ignored each and every one of them.
Now my fate is sealed.
I’ve been kidnapped; sold to a monster, a man who is demanding something from me that I can never give him. I thought I was unbreakable, that I was strong enough to withstand any punishment. That the world had already done its worst to me, and nothing else could devastate me.
I was wrong.
Charles was living proof of that. His damaged soul and demented mind are limitless, he is controlling, dangerous, and he always gets what he wants. Unfortunately, he wants me. And there is no escape this time.

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