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teach me, neve wilder

Teach Me (Extracurricular Activities #4) by Neve Wilder – Free eBooks Download


Two strangers. One secret encounter. A whole lotta forbidden chemistry.

It was supposed to be an anonymous thrill, fueled by raw desire.
No strings, just the escape we both craved.
The last thing I need is complications, especially from a casual hookup. That was the plan.
Except now, he’s not just some guy from a night I can’t forget. He’s in front of my class…teaching it. Turns out life has some unexpected lessons in store for me, and my professor is holding the syllabus.
Suddenly, what was supposed to be simple is anything but.
Our connection is too intense, and the stakes are way too highโ€”his career, my recovery, our futures.
Every class is a battle against temptation, every glance a spark threatening to ignite.
We know it’s reckless, yet the magnetic pull between us is irresistible. I’m not just battling the ghosts of my past but also the fear that everything I’ve worked so hard to rebuild might crumble.
He has everything to lose, and so do I. But when surrender feels this right, walking away becomes the toughest test of all.

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