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package makes perfect, lauren connolly

Package Makes Perfect (Green Valley Heroes #6) by Lauren Connolly – Free eBooks Download


When a man cheats, don’t go postal. Date a postman.

Robin Dunn is used to dealing with egotistical men. After years in the military and working in the male-dominated field of aviation mechanics, Robin thought she could tell the good guys from the bad. She even moved to the small town of Green Valley for a man she planned to build a life with. So why is that guy butt-naked on their couch with another woman, fondling her chest like he found himself a set of stress balls?
Not one to run away, Robin decides to stake a claim on her new home and dole out some much-needed revenge. In a twist of luck, she convinces Arthur Kraut, her loser ex’s cousin, and the town’s grumpy mail carrier, to agree to her fake relationship scheme. Probably because she offers to help the guy with his lady troubles through copious amounts of PDA.
After a lifetime of disappointments, Robin can’t help noticing how Arthur always delivers when she needs him. Too bad she’s done with needing men. Doesn’t matter that kissing Arthur has her thinking other, dirtier thoughts. All she wants is to get revenge on her ex, fix airplanes, and not fall for a man who has his heart set on someone else…

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