The Brute and the Blade by Allegra Rose (ePUB)

brute and blade, allegra rose

The Brute and the Blade by Allegra Rose – Free eBooks Download


I never expected to find myself in the arms of an ogre, let alone the most notorious warlord of them all. Grok Bloodclaw, the bane of my people, the monster who haunts our nightmares.
But here I am, his captive, his prize…and the object of his lust.
I should hate him, should fight him with every breath in my body. But I find myself drawn to him instead.
I want him… badly.
Even if it means defying everything I’ve ever known about monsters.

She was meant to be my conquest, my trophy. Lily Thornwood, the fiery human warrior who dared to defy me on the battlefield.
But from the moment I lay eyes on her, I knew she was destined to be mine, body and soul.
I will tame her, claim her, make her submit to the primal lust that burns between us.
Together, we will forge a new world, a new order, where our love reigns supreme. No one, ogre or human, will stand in our way.
I will protect what is mine, with every ounce of my strength and savagery. I will fight for our future, for the chance to make her my mate, my queen, for all eternity.
I will stop at nothing to possess her, completely and irrevocably.
For she is mine, as I am hers.
And together, we will conquer all.

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