Right of Refusal by Viola Grace (ePUB)

right of refusal, viola grace

Right of Refusal (Terran Reset #7) by Viola Grace – Free eBooks Download


Trapped in her body, she is given a chance at a new life as a caretaker, but guarding horny superheroes loses its appeal quickly.

Beatrix’s world has been shrinking as her body slowly locks up into immobility and constant pain. A strange woman arrives at her door and offers her a chance for a body without pain and the form she had in her early twenties. The price of this miracle? Just her life and moving to an alien world as caretaker for a group of superheroes.

The charm of the men wore thin fast, and she put her foot down after she overheard some hurtful remarks. She activated her one caveat from the contract, her right of refusal. Bea quit.

She ends up with the avatar, pregnant, friendless, and alone on a world where everyone but her has scales and a forked tongue. The one refrain in her mind is simple… she should have read the contract.

Resetting a life twice is hard enough, but doing it as the only one of her kind on an entire world is definitely trickier than she had imagined. At least she could dance now.

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