A Promise in the Bay by Fiona Baker (ePUB)

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A Promise in the Bay (Chasing Tides #4) by Fiona Baker – Free eBooks Download


The bond between sisters is stronger than anything…
…or at least, she hopes it is.

When Josie Garner came to Blueberry Bay, she was running from her past. After growing up in a troubled household, she was eager to escape—but when she moved away to go to school, she was forced to leave her younger sister behind.
Now her sister Paige needs a place to stay, and Josie insists that the young woman move in with her. However, after so much time apart, she worries that she’ll never be able to reconnect with Paige and rebuild the relationship she wishes they could’ve had.
Luckily, a handsome social worker named Wesley strikes up a friendship with Josie, helping her navigate the complicated process of letting go of the past and embracing the future. As she leans on him for support, she starts to wonder if the sparks she feels between them are just friendship… or if they could be something more.
Can Josie juggle her developing feelings for Wesley and her attempt to reconcile with Paige? And now that they’re living under the same roof, can the two sisters find common ground again?
Meanwhile, as Caitlin and Michael’s relationship develops and deepens, Caitlin searches for something to do in the off-season, since her dinner cruise business only runs during the summer months.
And Alissa’s publisher reaches out to her to express interest in a second book—but although she’s flattered, Alissa struggles to come up with another idea for a novel. Is it just a case of writer’s block? Or is there some other reason for her hesitance?

Nestled against the beautiful New England town of Whale Harbor, Blueberry Bay is a cozy coastal town with sandy beaches and a cast of characters who’ll make you laugh, smile, and be swept away. If you enjoy clean romance and stories that celebrate family and friendship, this series is for you!

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