Donovan Blake: Adrenalin by Maggie Carpenter (ePUB)

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Donovan Blake: Adrenalin (Secret Lives: Billionaires #1) by Maggie Carpenter – Free eBooks Download


Bad boy billionaire Donovan Blake makes a mistake.

Then he makes a deal.
Work for a secret branch of the FBI specializing in high-stakes crime, and he keeps his fortune and his freedom.
But a Mafia Kingpin decides Donovan must go. Late one night in a raging storm he’s brutally attacked—only to be rescued by a sexy young woman.
Affluent and fearless, Phoebe Beaumont craves excitement.
When she stumbles across a man in a dark alley being violently mugged she throws caution to the wind and risks her life to save him. But as soon as they’re out of harm’s way she’s told she must go into hiding.
She has no objection. The thought of being alone with the muscled, mysterious stranger is utterly intoxicating.
Their attraction sizzles, and he introduces her to his decadent dungeon. But as his feelings for her grow he becomes determined to keep her away from the dangerous operation—until she shares her secret talent.

The stubborn, seductive young woman could make the difference between success and failure.
But if she’s involved, how will he control her impulsive nature and keep her from harm?

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