A Touch of Tenderness by Merry Farmer (ePUB)

touch tenderness, merry farmer

A Touch of Tenderness (The Slippery Slope #4) by Merry Farmer – Free eBooks Download


How do you love a man who is still in love with someone else?

When Beckett Smith meets Noah Cheevers at the bar of The Slippery Slope, sparks fly…but not the sparks either of them expected.
Noah came all the way to New York from London to win back the love of his life, Marcus Albright…who has already moved on with a new lover. Beckett is head over heels for The Slope’s co-owner, Graham Ravenswood…who won’t give him the time of day after the one night they spent together.
But neither Beckett nor Noah is willing to give up their quests for true love.
Except when they fall for each other.
Passions spark and the two friends become lovers, but Noah is sick. Everyone warns Beckett against becoming involved with a madman, but it’s too late. He’s already given his heart away. And when Noah’s mental state takes a turn for the worse, their new, fragile love is put to the test.
Will Beckett’s quest to get help for Noah bring the two lost souls together, or is Noah too wounded for even Beckett’s love to heal him?

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