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The Night Nanny by Nelle Lamarr – Free eBooks Download


“Please don’t worry, Ava. Your baby is safe with me. I’m going to take care of her like she’s my own…”

Ever since my daughter Isa was born, I’ve been struggling. I can’t remember anything, and my brain is in a fog. So when my husband Ned suggests we hire a night nanny, I leap at the chance.

When she walks into our home, I smile at her, relieved she’s finally arrived. But then I notice her eyes: the color of amethysts. A memory flashes across my brain, but before I can grasp it, it’s gone…
Then I see Ned whispering with her as she touches his arm. A chill runs down my spine. But I try to brush it off, sure that my mind is playing tricks on me. I know I desperately need this woman’s help.
But then I find my baby girl face down on her stomach and struggling to breathe. I scream as I hug her close and Isa cries in shock. For one moment relief floods my body: she’s okay. The next moment I’m frozen to my core as I turn to find Ned behind me…

I look into my husband’s deep brown eyes, and realize one thing: he thinks it was me.
I have to figure out what’s happening to keep my baby safe. Is this all in my head, or is someone trying to destroy me?

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