Fake Married to the Grumps by Leah Blair (ePUB)

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Fake Married to the Grumps by Leah Blair – Free eBooks Download


Three childhood crushes-turned-billionaire grumps and three marriage deals.
They are sweet standalone, closed-door romances, brimming with sizzling chemistry without the spice.

#1: Marrying the Grumpy Billionaire
I swore off America’s No. 1 grumpy playboy.
But now he needs a wife and makes me an offer I can’t resist.

Billionaire CEO Ethan Everhart is my brother’s best friend and was my secret teenage crush.
His smoldering eyes left me breathless when we were younger.

Until I discovered what a player he was. I vowed to stay away from him.
But now he makes me an offer I can’t refuse:
Become his wife.

He’ll inherit his empire. Then he’ll rescue my company.
There’s only one rule: No feelings allowed.

I can’t risk my heart to a man who doesn’t believe in love.
And when his lips brush against mine, I’m not sure if he’s playing by the rules.

#2: Marrying the Bad Boy Next Door
My best friend’s brother ghosted me after I confessed my feelings.
Now he’s back and this time, he wants to marry me…

Movie star Bryce Alston is a gorgeous, grumpy, misunderstood bad boy.
His brooding gaze masks a rugged charm, constantly making my heart race.

I thought I’d moved on after he broke my heart.
But now he’s back like nothing happened, becoming my next-door neighbor and my boss.

As if dodging his smoldering gazes isn’t hard enough, he announces that we’re getting married when the media sharks are chasing after him. I still can’t say no to him.

I survived losing him once before. I can’t do it another time.
But when his lips claim mine, I’m not sure who is falling…

#3: Marrying My Brother’s Best Friend
I vowed to stay away from my brother’s grumpy best friend…
Now he wants to marry me.

Billionaire basketball star Trevor Kranes is my former childhood crush-turned-boss.
He always got me with his deep ocean-blue eyes, chiseled jawline, and that breathtaking smug grin.

I thought his smile was real until he coldly rejected me a few years ago.
But now he needs a wife to clean up his playboy image.

If I marry him, he’ll help advance my career.
I’ll only do it under one condition: No feelings allowed.

Ignoring my feelings for this bossy jerk should be easy,

Until his lips on mine send shivers down my spine,
Now I’m not sure if he’s still pretending…

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