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losing sleep, hillary slaughter

Losing Sleep (Lost Roommates #2) by Hillary Slaughter – Free eBooks Download


The only thing worse than being dragged on a vacation you don’t want to go on is having a near-stranger acting as chauffeur.

Audrey is content with her life—she really is. Her job is going nowhere. Her car is one pothole away from falling apart. Her bank account is closer to zero than she cares to admit. But she’s fine!
At least that’s what she tells everyone. If Audrey was honest with herself, she’d admit she’s not so much fine with the way things are as much as she’s afraid of change. After a childhood filled with uncertainty, the only thing Audrey is keen on is security. She is big on comfort zones. As evidenced by the fact that she won’t quit her job, despite being passed over for promotions repeatedly.
When Audrey’s former college roommate Tory invites her to a birthday cabin vacation, Audrey is sure her car will get her out of the trip. Instead, it lands her a spot riding up with Grey, an acquaintance with a propensity for fast food and spontaneity, a combination guaranteed to make their five-hour car ride even longer.
Between pit stops, detours, and prying questions, Grey manages to push every one of her buttons.
Audrey has just about had it with Grey and is an inch away from giving up on the trip altogether, when a flat tire and limited space at a friend’s home forces them even closer together.
Through their forced proximity and late-night conversation, Audrey realizes that there just might be more to life than a safe steady customer service job and eight hours of sleep every night. If only she can convince her heart to be brave enough to make room for Grey and the possibilities he invites.

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