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White Christmas by Rhianna Burwell – Free eBooks Download


Their parents may be best friends, but Autumn and Theo have been enemies since birth. So what happens when they get snowed in at a hotel… and there’s only one bed?

Every Christmas seems to go the same way, with a fight between Autumn and Theo, both of them intent on getting under each other’s skin. Their families are friends and insist on spending Christmas together every year. But this year, Autumn is determined for things to go differently, to have one year without the bickering and the name-calling, without letting the man with the annoying smirk and dark hair piss her off for another second. She makes a plan to ignore him completely, knowing it will get under his skin, and hopefully, keep peace within their families.
What she doesn’t plan is getting into a small car accident, the car being left in a snowbank, a hotel a few minutes up the road being their only haven. With no more choices left, and no plows coming out until after the storm, Autumn and Theo are stuck in a room together with only a single king bed. But, with the close proximity, they are forced to confront their feelings and realize that where there is hate, there is also chemistry.

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