Lion Hearted by Ella Maven (ePUB)

lion hearted, ella maven

Lion Hearted (The Queen’s Beasts #2) by Ella Maven – Free eBooks Download


I’ve always been impulsive, but escaping the aliens who abducted me from Earth might have been a bad decision. I don’t know anything about this strange planet. The sun never sets. No one is kind. And I’m hungry. So when an alien with a lion’s mane and paws the size of my head suddenly acts like we’re best friends, I’m immediately on guard. He’s got an ulterior motive, and until I find out what it is, I’m not giving him an inch.

I have dreamed of finding my fated mate all my life. I also like being the hero. So when I save the life of a pretty little human, I know I’ve found her. Except she doesn’t see me as her savior. She’s spitting mad, defensive, and vicious. I don’t feel blessed by this mate. I feel cursed. But I’m not a quitter. Even if I have to carry her home kicking and screaming, she’s coming with me. And fast. She might see me as her enemy, but what she doesn’t know is that once the dark comes, the real enemy emerges, and I’m the only one who can keep her safe.

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