Protected By the Alien Warmachine by Leslie Chase (ePUB)

protected alien warmachine, leslie chase

Protected By the Alien Warmachine (My Monster, My Protector) by Leslie Chase – Free eBooks Download


A cursed alien tomb on a dying planet? Sign me up! As an archaeologist, that’s a dream come true. Only this time, the curse is real, and it’s an alien male. A warrior as hot as he is deadly, entombed for thousands of years until I disturb his eternal sleep.
I don’t stand a chance. The moment our eyes meet, I know we’re meant to be.
I should stay away, let more experienced people take over the first contact.
Like hell. I found him, and he’s mine to study. And if that means getting up close and very personal with the gorgeous alien warrior, it’s a price I’m more than willing to pay.

I should have died with the rest of my species. Instead, they left me behind to watch over their tombs. For thousands of years, my only purpose was to kill any intruders who might disturb the honored dead, and I am skilled at my task. But this latest intruder is different, her presence awakening a passion I’ve never felt before.
I cannot kill her.
I must claim her.
If other humans seek to kill her and cover up her discovery, I will show her how far I’ll go to protect my mate.

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