Their Reaper: The Complete Series by Lacey Carter Andersen (ePUB)

their reaper, lacey carter andersen

Their Reaper: The Complete Series by Lacey Carter Andersen – Free eBooks Download


Have you ever said you’d die for someone you loved? Well, I actually did.
In my new life, no one knows my darkest secret. No one knows what I became after death. I doubt the charming male nurse would give me a second look if he knew the truth. I doubt my dominating boss, who I made the mistake of sleeping with, would be quite so possessive of me. And I know the sexy doctor wouldn’t spend all his time flirting with me, if he knew, that’s for sure.

And yet, when I discover my sexy men aren’t as human as they look, and they begin to suspect I’m more than just a healer in the hospital, things get even more complicated.

Wolf shifters, vampires, and gods are circling us. A powerful pack wants our heads. Gods want to see us fall. And the vampires? I’m still figuring them out. But one thing is for sure, I’ve broken every rule there is when it comes to being a reaper, and there will be consequences.
But I’m already dead. So they can’t do anything worse to me. Right?
Heads are going to roll, our only hope is that they aren’t ours.

Their Reaper is a sexy paranormal reverse harem romance with hot doctors, nurses, and powerful businessmen.
It’s a complete series, including:
Unlikely Reaper
Reaper Hospital: Code Possessive Boss
Reaper Hospital: Code Hot Nurse
Reaper Hospital: Code Stubborn Doctor

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