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draka's heat, olivia riley

Draka’s Heat (Sidonions #2) by Olivia Riley – Free eBooks Download


Draka: King of the Mountain

Imprisoned on a desolate ice planet, Draka, a sidonion ex-commander and weapons master, plays a dangerous waiting game. In a world where mercy is a weakness and staying ahead is the only rule, he dominates over the frozen expanse with a numbed heart, haunted by loneliness.
Until he discovers a human female in his territory. One glance, and the unthinkable happens – she awakens something primal in him. For the first time in years he feels alive. She is like the sun breaking away the darkness.
But then she runs from him.
And so the hunt begins…
Ria: A Lone Survivor
One reckless mistake thrusts Ria onto Arkona, a perilous prison world teeming with the galaxy’s most ruthless criminals. Amidst the danger, one name stands above all – Draka, the King of the Mountain. Lethal, cunning, and relentless, he warns all to steer clear or face his wrath.
Until another misstep puts her in his path and Draka locks onto her like a predator to prey. As he pursues her across Arkona’s treacherous terrain, Ria grapples with the burning question: Can she outrun the flames of Draka’s obsession, or will she succumb to the scorching heat that threatens to consume them both?

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