The Worst Guy Ever by Holly June Smith (ePUB)

worst guy ever, holly june smith

The Worst Guy Ever (Sunshine Book Club #2) by Holly June Smith – Free eBooks Download


Rob Morgan is cocky, arrogant, and deluded enough to think he stands a chance with me. So why can’t I get him out of my head?
Fiercely independent, Hattie doesn’t do relationships. If the need for ‘horizontal companionship’ arises, well, there are plenty of apps for that these days.
Rob’s not the relationship type either. When the pair are introduced by mutual friends, Hattie is determined to resist his charms, but Rob isn’t used to being turned down.
In a moment of desperation, he makes a bet that turns their harmless teasing into all out war. But when they discover a connection they never anticipated, how long will it take for the walls they’ve built to come crumbling down?
Hattie Buchanan has got me all wrong. I don’t just want her in my bed, I want her in my life. And one night will never be enough.

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