The Nightmare King by R Sullins (ePUB)

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The Nightmare King (The Nightmare Duet #1) by R Sullins – Free eBooks Download


Bones is more than the President of the Devil’s Nightmares.
He’s the King of Nightmares.
And his only concern is running his town and the MC with his favorite blade in his hand.
Nothing gets through his cold soul, and nothing brings warmth to his dead eyes.
Until he sees the woman with the blood-red hair being held down, forced to endure hands she doesn’t want on her, with tears in her eyes. As soon as he looks down at the woman with the scars covering her body, a macabre smile on her gorgeous face put there by somebody else’s cruel knife, he knows she has woken something inside of him he’ll never be able to put back to sleep. She brings Jack back to life.
He saves Sally, but her demons run as deep as his, and he finds that hers are still alive and want her back.
He will do anything to end the Doctor that is a threat to her life.
But the Boogeymen step in before he can ensure her safety.
Ending the threat will take his entire club of Nightmares, and several might be lost before the dangerous game is over.

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