The Last Lost Girl by Casey L. Bond (ePUB)

last lost girl, casey l bond

The Last Lost Girl (The Shadows of Neverland Duet #1) by Casey L. Bond – Free eBooks Download


Welcome to Neverland. Where shadows consume and magic is frighteningly real.

Ava is struggling to provide for herself and her sister, who slips further into insanity with each passing day. Raving about Neverland. Obsessed with a Second Star that Ava can’t see in the black, velvety sky. Until the night Belle succumbs to the terrifying shadows plaguing her and sweeps Ava away to a land that is only supposed to exist in storybooks.
Neverland is real. And so is Peter Pan.
He’s grown from boy to man, wielding a terrible power he uses to rule the island. When he senses Ava’s presence and sends his Lost Boys to collect her, a dashing captain with a silver hook for a hand comes to her defense. He offers her protection aboard his ship, and the help of his crew to find Belle before Peter and his Lost Boys do. But what he asks for in return might be more than she or her sister can possibly pay.
Belle once stole something invaluable from Peter Pan, something Hook and his crew need if they’re ever to escape the cursed island’s thrall. And despite their undeniable attraction, Hook will do anything to claim it before Pan can.

The Last Lost Girl is an atmospheric adventure in the land we all thought we knew, where secrets swirl within shadows, the banter is witty, the romance scorches, and the characters a shade darker than morally gray.

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