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raise hell, brit ks

Raise Hell (The Eleventh Hour #1) by Brit KS – Free eBooks Download


It’s hard to outrun the ghosts of your past when you can talk to the dead…

Leigh Raelyn should be burned at the stake. Not only did she cause the deaths of her family — she’s also a Lunar witch, bonded with the outlawed element, aether. But hiding an illicit gift is almost impossible when you’re next in line for the throne, and her supply of magical suppressants is dwindling.
So, when she discovers a way to surrender her title, Leigh seizes her chance.
Wilder Dunn will do whatever it takes to ascend the ranks of the Borealis Blades — so long as it gives him the power to bring his sister’s killers to their knees. But as the son of a traitor, he is failing to gain favor with the Council. When Wilder agrees to protect the princess ahead of her coronation, he hopes to prove fealty to authority. Until he discovers the real reason for his employment…

With Wilder’s help, Leigh goes in search of her throne-bargaining secret: the truth behind Corona’s centuries-old peace treaties. But as the pair spiral closer to a realm-shattering revelation, only one thing is clear: to fix the world order they need to break it…and possibly, their own hearts too.

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