Matched to Reapa by C. Y. Croc (ePUB)

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Matched to Reapa (Monster Match #3) by C. Y. Croc – Free eBooks Download


Monstrous romantic suspense, action and adventure, some dark moments…and a giggle or two.
Getting abducted by a monstrous alien when you’re a kid does something to you. It changes you inside. It turns you from a victim into a survivor.
It makes you stronger.
I was that kid. Now I’m a woman, and I want a man.
I’m not socially adept like normal women. I’ve led a very different life.
Surviving in the wild for so long alone made me quite the handful. I thrive on danger—I’m also an adrenaline junkie.
The dating site I’ve joined has males who seek the same thrills as me.
These males are the toughest and roughest the universe has to offer and the only requirement I demand is, my match must be an Alpha…and a human or a humanoid alien.
I couldn’t stomach dating a monster.
Today I woke up to a message—I have a match.
The male is an alien. He looks humanoid enough, but he hides behind a mask.
Now I’m doubting this will actually work.
Will he be man enough for me?
What has he got to hide?
Or is he hiding from me?
How would he know my bite is most definitely worse than my bark?

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