The Lady and the Assassin by Sevannah Storm (ePUB)

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The Lady and the Assassin by Sevannah Storm – Free eBooks Download


For sheltered Lady Ruvona, visiting Devenmere Manor to investigate her father’s disappearance is a chance to escape her dull life. In Netherbury, the nearest town, the malevolent Lord Emil is taxing and starving the people, and a mysterious dark force is draining the land. Determined to help the townsfolk and save her father, with her magic and the skills her guardian taught her, Lady Ruvona disguises herself as the lad, Robbin.
Assassin Warric masquerades as the new Sheriff of Netherbury and is tasked to thwart Emil. What he did not expect to encounter was beautiful Lady Ruvona bathing in a moonlit river. Nor did he expect an ally in the outlaw Robbin. Aiding the lad is in line with Warric’s task, but it doesn’t take him long to realize who Robbin is.

Together, with magic and swords, they try to save her father, take on Emil, his ancient amulet, and the plot to destroy all they stand for. While trying not to fall in love.

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