Marrying My Ex’s Boss by Jordan Silver (ePUB)

marrying my ex's boss, jordan silver

Marrying My Ex’s Boss by Jordan Silver – Free eBooks Download


When her husband left her and their three little girls for one of his work colleagues, Justine did not take it lying down. The SAHM refused to be a victim and came out swinging.
She ended up having one too many at the bar across the street from the corporate party where she planned to expose them and get a bit of her own back and things got way out of hand.
Marcus Devereaux had just landed back in town after years of ignoring his grandfather’s pleas that he come home and take over the family business when the hot blonde called out her ex and his affair partner in a room full of businessmen and women. It was the beginning of the end for the confirmed bachelor who never believed there was a woman alive who could capture his interest and keep it.

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