The Eighth Transgressor: Complete Series by Ashley Amy (ePUB)

eighth transgressor, ashley amy

The Eighth Transgressor: Complete Series by Ashley Amy – Free eBooks Download


Beast or Man.
Friend or Foe.
Truth or Lie.

Everything had a counterpart. Another side always revealed—like a coin—when we least expected it.
Though, with these boys, I wasn’t sure if any light remained in them. Maybe once upon a time they had a tender side, but something snuffed it out.
That traumatic thing never allowed mercy to lead their judgment. Kindness didn’t exist within them anymore. I wanted to know what it was.
They were the most stunning kinds of men within the world’s standards, but I saw what the jaded eyes didn’t. Under their façade of beauty lie beasts of suffering.
I noticed, so my bullies made me their target. They lashed their anger out on me. My pain excited them.
I should’ve run. I should’ve been smarter than this. Yet, I couldn’t back down. I couldn’t let them win. With how messed up I was, part of me craved their cruelness, longed for their attention—even if it was only negative.
Whether this mistake ended me or not, I’d never felt more alive. Now, it was just unraveling their secrets to help me win this sick and twisted game.

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