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broker, tara crescent

The Broker by Tara Crescent – Free eBooks Download


Dante Colonna is my nemesis.
I’m a hacker who works for the mafia. My job is sometimes dangerous, and I’m okay with it.
Dante isn’t. The heir apparent of the Venetian Mafia and my boss, he insists on inserting himself between me and danger. I can’t go on a job without him acting like my personal bodyguard. The overprotective lug looms over me, acts as if I’m made of glass, and refuses to let me take reasonable risks.
And when I protest, he pulls rank over me. So annoying.
Obviously, I hate him.
Then we’re attacked by a rival, and Dante insists that I move in with him along with my young daughter.
We’re forced to work together to vanquish the threat.
Trapped in his house, my resolve to ignore him melts away.
Because he’s everywhere, with his hard body and his eyes that see too much.
That’s when I discover…
Dante Colonna might be my nemesis, but he’s also a d*mn good kisser.

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