A Most Beloved Sister by Tiffany Thomas (ePUB)

most beloved sister, tiffany thomas

A Most Beloved Sister (Pride and Prejudice “What if?” Variations) by Tiffany Thomas – Free eBooks Download


What if Jane Bennet had been born with a chromosome abnormality like Down Syndrome? Find out in this variation of Jane Austen’s “Pride & Prejudice.”

In Regency England, Elizabeth Bennet faces a year of formidable challenges. Her beloved sister Jane, born with a disability, finds herself in the midst of societal pressures that test Elizabeth’s protective instincts. As the Bennet family navigates these hardships, Elizabeth must confront those who would exploit her sister’s condition.
Meanwhile, Fitzwilliam Darcy, burdened with his own family secrets, grapples with his father’s mysterious past and concerns for his sister’s future. His path crosses with the Bennets as he and Elizabeth confront their prejudices and misunderstandings under trying circumstances.
As Elizabeth fiercely defends Jane’s dignity against the encroachments of the Bingley family, Darcy contemplates a revelation that could change everything. In a society where status and decorum often dictate actions, will the truths about the Darcy and Bennet families unite them or drive them apart?

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