Shadowed Agenda by Mavery Ellscott (ePUB)

shadowed agenda, mavery ellscott

Shadowed Agenda (Shadow Defense Security #2) by Mavery Ellscott – Free eBooks Download


He’s the last person she’d turn to. But he’s her best bet to keep her and her daughter alive.

Many authors would kill to be invited to do a private book signing for the woman who could be the next first lady. Regan Christenson isn’t one of them. Someone is willing to kill her if she doesn’t accept the invitation, and there’s only one person she can turn to—Pavlo Barislov. Her book tour partner and former Navy SEAL is also the only person who annoys her more than being handed a cold latte.
If he’d had a choice, Pavlo would rather eat MREs for a year than spend five minutes with the fiercely independent Regan. He likes to keep his relationship with Shadow Defense Security low key, but when Regan and her daughter are threatened, Pavlo can’t turn a blind eye. As the danger intensifies, so does his unexplainable attraction to the irritating woman.

As things heat up, Pavlo and Regan are thrust into an unexpected minefield of treachery and deceit. One Pavlo may not be able to pull them out of alive.

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