The Sincerest Flattery by Jude Knight (ePUB)

sincerest flattery, jude knight

The Sincerest Flattery (Twist Upon a Regency Tale #6) by Jude Knight – Free eBooks Download


Can an arranged marriage become a love match? Or will lies and misunderstandings tear Percy and Lia apart?
When Percival Lord Thornstead heads to the far north of England to meet the bride his father has arranged for him to marry, bad weather, the ague and a crooked valet disrupt his travel plans. Turned away at the door of the manor, he takes a job minding sheep to stay close.
Lady Aurelia Byrne sneaks away from the house dressed as a kitchen maid. She is angry at being told she must marry someone she has never met. She’d rather marry the shepherd she meets in the fields than the London fop her father has chosen for her.
Percy guesses who Lia is and is charmed. Lia discovers who Percy is and falls in love. If not for Lia’s overbearing mother all would be perfect.

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