Secret Betrayal by Meg Shannon (ePUB)

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Secret Betrayal (NY Romano Mafia #1) by Meg Shannon – eBooks Download


My husband, my enemy.
My brother, the idiot, racked up gambling debts to the Romano family.

He can’t pay them and neither can our father.
I’ve only got one thing to trade and my father will do anything to make sure this deal goes through.
Nicholas Romano will forgive the debts in exchange for me. All my family’s problems go away as soon as he claims me as his bride.
But I’m no shrinking violet and I’ve got conditions of my own. First, we need to date like a normal couple because I am not marrying a stranger.
I say yes after a short courtship, but the kind, romantic, thoughtful man who slipped that diamond ring on my finger isn’t the cruel man I married.
Nicholas Romano is a monster. A cold, rich, ruthless monster who controls my entire life.
Crying won’t help, begging won’t help. The only thing he wants is my submission. That’s fine, I can pretend because one day he’ll slip up and I’ll run.

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