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My Saviour by Tanya Ruby – Free eBooks Download


Eva was about as ordinary as a girl could get, until her life completely changed.

When Kaden moves to London from New York with his Uncle, he never expected to become best friends with Eva and her brothers.
Only he doesn’t want to be just her friend, so to hide his feelings from her he torments the hell out of her with her brothers.
He can’t let her in, if he does, he might just end up falling for her.
She already scares him, with her beautiful face and loving nature, that’s something he isn’t used to.
Kaden doesn’t come from your usual squeaky-clean cut family, he has secrets and demons.
Things that he can’t talk about, things he wants to protect Eva from.
When he goes back to New York, he pushes Eva away, she thinks it’s because he doesn’t like her.
She couldn’t be further from the truth.

Fast forward to the present day and Kaden’s back in London, only he’s not the Kaden Eva remembers. He’s totally closed himself off, from her, from everybody he was once close to.

His secrets, his lifestyle puts Eva in danger.
Can he be her saviour before it’s too late?

Can they survive the darkness and secrets his life contains?
Will Eva allow his monsters come between them, destroying her spirit in the process?

Together they have the power to do anything, but is Eva strong enough to take what’s thrown at her?

Only time will tell, if they can both save each other!

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