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one more kiss, terri anne browning

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No one has ever wanted me—until him.
My father has nothing but cold indifference for me. Work, the stock market prices, and his new wife are his only priorities. In that order.
My stepmom, Nicole, hates me. Disney stepmothers? Such fairy tales. True crime documentaries didn’t prepare me for the evil that invaded my life when she stepped into our home.
But Nash has given me everything I ever craved from the moment we met. For the first time in my life, I feel wanted. Needed.
And then he says we can’t tell anyone.
Despite how much he detests my father, they are business partners.
After their newest deal is done, Nash promises he’s going to end the partnership.
We have a huge age gap between us that would make people talk—about me.
Nash only wants to protect me.
His list is long for why we have to remain a secret—just for a little while—until I am slapped in the face with the truth.
By Nicole.
Nash’s ex.

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