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savage, hazel parker

Savage (Steel Heretics MC #3) by Hazel Parker – Free eBooks Download


I never thought I would see him again, but here he is—and I’ve got secrets…
My goal of getting out of Sans Verta, forever leaving the past behind me had been reached—until I lost my job. It forced me to move back to my hometown and I knew there was a chance I would run into my old flame…
But I had no idea just how hot the fire still burned.
Now, I find myself face to face with a grown-up version of the man who broke my heart. There’s just one thing that hasn’t changed—his involvement with an outlaw motorcycle club. But still, I can’t resist the way he touches me. I feel myself falling head over heels for him again…
But he has no idea that I’m keeping the biggest secret from him—his daughter.
However, just as I get up the nerve to tell him the truth about Iris, something unbelievable happens, and suddenly, all the heartbreak from the past comes rushing back…
And he ghosts me again.
I can’t trust him, and so when a handsome old friend opens his arms to me, I think this might be what I’ve been waiting for all along. However, comfort morphs to danger, and I realize I’m in over my head…
As it turns out, I’m in for the ride of my life—and it’s not on the back of a motorcycle.
Will my old flame save me before it’s too late? Or will our fire be put out forever?

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