One Night With the Devil Next Door by Lacey Lowin (ePUB)

one night with devil, lacey lowin

One Night With the Devil Next Door by Lacey Lowin – Free eBooks Download


From One Wild Night with a Hot Single Dad to Next-Door Neighbors.

I meet Lincoln at a club, thinking he’s just another smooth-talking Romeo.
Little did I know, he’s not just a hottie but also my next-door neighbor!
As if that wasn’t enough, our paths intertwined even further when I land a job at the daycare his
daughter attends.
My next-door neighbor maybe a jerk, but I can’t resist him. There is undeniable chemistry
between us, and I’m losing sleep over his chiseled, brutally gorgeous body.
But just when I start thinking this could be the start of something magical, bam! Plot twist number
two: I find out I’m pregnant.
I must confront Lincoln with the news. But when I stumble upon him with another woman claiming to be his daughter’s mother, my heart shatters.
Looks like I might be embarking on a solo parenting adventure after all.
Amidst the chaos and the baby drama, there’s still that spark between us. And I’ll be darned if I let a little
thing like unexpected parenthood or his ex, get in the way of fighting for our love.

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