Obsessed with the Billionaire by Cassie Cassell (ePUB)

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Obsessed with the Billionaire (Sugar & Silk #6) by Cassie Cassell – Free eBooks Download


After a bad breakup, all I want is a guy who’s the opposite of my ex. My ex was selfish, immature, and a train wreck. So an older man with stability sounds good right about now.
I want to join a sugar baby agency and take my pick—unfortunately, after a couple of interviews, they haven’t called back. But, after I eavesdrop on an interesting conversation between a friend of the sugar baby’s agency owner and my brother-in-law, I have an idea.
Grey needs a fake date to attend a wedding. I need his connection.
Why can’t I help him in exchange for a little assistance getting my foot in the door? The problem is that the benefactor in question is a hot-as-hell billionaire who quickly makes me forget about dating anyone else.
I’m dreading attending my sister’s wedding. I’ll see my ex-wife again, with her current boyfriend. Great. So a fake date is a must to get my overbearing family off my back.
When a sexy brunette overhears my conundrum and offers me an intriguing deal, I take it. But it doesn’t take longer than a shopping trip with her for me to learn this date may be fake, but the enticing pull between us is all too real—and it’s not going anywhere.

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