Mr. & Mrs. Fix-It Find Love by Ellie Hall (ePUB)

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Mr. & Mrs. Fix-It Find Love (Home Sweet Home #1) by Ellie Hall – Free eBooks Download


You know it’s bad when you have to give up chocolate to pay the bills.

I’m flat broke and desperate, but the word can’t isn’t part of my vocabulary. I’m all too familiar with shoulda, coulda, woulda, however, you won’t hear me say cannot or any of its variations. No, siree.
I can do anything except for improve my finances. So it makes perfect sense that I, Louella Belle, would compete to become Mrs. Fix It, the new cohost, on the popular House and Landscape channel’s home improvement show, Mr. Fix It.
Too bad the limits of my handywoman skills involve duct tape and thumbtacks. Shh. No one needs to know that.
Onscreen, Mr. Fix It, aka Bo Boone, is a stud and our chemistry is as blazing as the southern sun. However, when the cameras stop rolling, he cools off quick. When I learn why, I want to patch up his heart. Don’t worry, I won’t use duct tape or thumbtacks.
My efforts are about as effective as me replacing a wax ring on a toilet, flushing everything down the drain unless Mr. Fix It can live up to his name, forgive me, and get over his past.

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