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mine possess, georgia le carre

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It was not my choice to leave my sad, delusional mother to carry on with my terrible stepfather in that trailer park. Life had not been a bowl of cherries so far and I didn’t expect it would be for the foreseeable future, but one day, when I had made enough money, I would come back for her.
For now though, I was alone, broke, and homeless, so I took the first job I found. Waitressing in a dive bar.
I wriggled into my tight ‘uniform’ and presented myself for work. It was going along as well as could be expected until some ugly goons walked in. The boss had borrowed money from a loan shark and, surprise, surprise, he was having difficulty paying it back. They were there to remind him. It looked like trouble was brewing, but to be honest, I had my own problems and it was really nothing to do with me.
I was just the waitress on her first day there… until I overturned a tray of drinks on one of them, and suddenly everything changed. Just like that I became the target of a psychopath’s wrath. Everybody was too afraid to get involved and the situation was fast getting out of hand.
That was when he stepped in. The Russian. Dressed in black from head to toe.
God, he was beautiful! Wild with wolfish silvery eyes and raven hair, he radiated danger. He spoke to them quietly in a language I did not understand, but there was no mistaking the feral menace in his tone and his sleek, lean body. The violent goons shrivelled up with fear and abject respect.
When they left with their tails between their shivering legs, he turned to me and offered me a job.

Did I just jump from the frying pan into the fire when I said yes?
Full Length Standalone Romance With A Sexy Mysterious Hero, Lots of Steam, Thrills, Danger And A HEA.

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