A Sham Betrothal by Jennie Goutet (ePUB)

sham betrothal, jennie goutet

A Sham Betrothal (Georgians in Paris) by Jennie Goutet – Free eBooks Download


Paris, 1774. He can win her freedom, but can she win his heart?

With Sophie Twisden’s grandmother laid up with an illness, causing them to withdraw from the Paris social scene, the pompous Sheldon Cholmsley appoints himself as Sophie’s “protector.” Protector? Ha! More like tormentor. So when her new friend Basile Gervain offers her the protection of his name and promises he will not allow harm to come to her reputation when she breaks their sham betrothal and returns to London, she has little hesitation in accepting.

What once was an unthinkable notion—to align herself with a foreigner—becomes more and more the desire of her heart as she discovers how closely shared are their thoughts and sentiments. Now that it is time to leave Paris and put an end to their act, she wishes she might remain and become Madame Gervain in earnest. But what use is it to harbor a secret hope that he will declare his undying love, when he only proposed out of convenience in the first place?

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