Stay With Me by Shae Ruby (ePUB)

stay with me, shae ruby

Stay With Me (Seattle Sailors #1) by Shae Ruby – Free eBooks Download


I survived the unthinkable.

Even death wouldn’t welcome me into its cold embrace.
I was battered and bruised, running in circles with no way out. Running for my life.
Until I stumbled upon Theodore Anderson. Sweet, perfect, Theo. A man who kept trying to breathe life back into me, no matter how hard I tried to drown. And even though I made a promise to myself, to be stronger, to be tougher, to not let anyone in…I could feel myself slipping. Tripping. Falling for him.
But even with all of these feelings, I’m still holding back. Too scared to try. Terrified to fall. Because what if he doesn’t catch me? What if I shatter more pieces of myself on the way down?
So I’ve built a thick wall of ice, keeping him firmly on the other side of it. And no matter how much he tries to break it down, it doesn’t budge.
Will he stay?
Or will he be the last thing that shatters me completely?

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