King of Shadows and Secrets by Piper Easton (ePUB)

king shadows secrets, piper easton

King of Shadows and Secrets (The Shadow King Trilogy #1) by Piper Easton – Free eBooks Download


The God of Death has finally met his match.

I’ve been killing in exchange for coin for a decade, but executing the sun god’s high priest is bold, even for me. Fleeing south, I lay low in a town nestled against the forbidden forest, the mist crawling the ground reminding mortals to stay in the safety of the village.
But I’ve never been one to heed the warnings of gods, and now I find myself at the mercy of one.
The God of Death thinks me a liar when I tell him I have no idea how I stumbled across the veil and into his realm, and he is determined to get the answers he seeks.
Except I don’t care about his answers or his realm or his impossibly blue eyes. I want my freedom, and I will take it by whatever means necessary.
There’s only one problem—he doesn’t want to let me go.

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