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joaquin, lynn hagen

Joaquin (Vampires of Ridgeway #5) by Lynn Hagen – eBooks Download


Nixon has gotten in way over his head when he agrees to do a few odd jobs with his brother. He has no clue that he’s been working for Cash, a cutthroat man with no remorse. Nixon doesn’t want anything to do with him, but Cash leaves him no choice. He’s tasked with finding a guy named Joaquin and gathering intel. What intel, Nixon has no clue. When he visits Club Lure to find the guy, he discovers just how deadly Joaquin truly is.

Joaquin is the team leader of Eleazar’s protection detail. He’s deadly, precise, and has no mercy for those who dare to cross him. On his one night off, Joaquin goes to Club Lure, looking to score. He finds Nixon, a cute little human that he takes home, only to find out that Nixon is his mate, and that the human was sent to spy on him. The stakes grow higher when Cash comes after Nixon. The line is drawn in the sand, and Joaquin is determined to win.

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