Grumpy Billionaire Playboy by Ava Nichols (ePUB)

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Grumpy Billionaire Playboy by Ava Nichols – Free eBooks Download


My brother’s best friend is my worst enemy… Now, he’s also my fake fiancé who just took my v-card.

Drake Bennet is a handsome, arrogant, Real Estate shark who always has women throwing themselves at him.
But I can’t stand him; we’ve always fought and bickered growing up.
His mom has been badgering him to settle down, so he asked me to be his fake fiance.
And I only agreed as long as he made me his plus one at exclusive events I needed to attend for my journalist job.

But while we’re “pretending” to be engaged, Drake takes care of me in more ways than one.
His touch brings me to ecstasy for the first time and makes my body quiver from head to toe.
He’s been caring for and protecting me in ways I’ve never seen before.
I’m falling for him, hard.

And if things couldn’t get more complicated — I’m pregnant.
But this can’t work. My new singing career is taking off and I’ll be in the public eye.
And our fake engagement has to come to an end.

Or will Drake finally be ready for a “real” happily ever after?

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