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The Joker (The Soldiers of Anarchy #3) by Nikki J Summers – Free eBooks Download


Do you want to know a secret?
I’m a little crazy.
Want to know another?
All the best people are.
I’m the guy that smiles as I plan your downfall.
Laughs as you cry in pain.
Tells a joke as I read you your last rites.
And howls as I send you to the hell you deserve.
I’m the good guy, wrapped up in a warped, depraved package of sin. A saviour, destined for the depths of hell.
My life is perfect.
My friends are psychotic.
Everything is how I like it… uncomplicated chaos.
Until her.
She thought she could destroy me. Ruin me in the worst way. Thing is, I love a challenge, and the only one getting destroyed in this twisted little game is her… in the best way.
They call me The Joker, because I always have the last laugh. And I’m about to show the world the greatest trick of all. No one messes with a King and lives to tell the tale.

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