Falling for the Orc Alien by Lexi Lunar (ePUB)

falling for orc alien, lexi lunar

Falling for the Orc Alien (Alien Orcs of Orkaris) by Lexi Lunar – Free eBooks Download


Listen up, because this is one hell of a ride. I’m Zorak – big, buff Orkarian ambassador who’ll stop at nothing to get what I want. And what I want is Vanessa, a smoking hot human lawyer who thinks she’s too good for me. But I don’t give up easy. When I found her again after our first explosive hookup, she did everything to ditch me. Too bad for her I’m built like a tank and just as unstoppable. I chased that woman across the galaxy, and now we’re mated for life.

Think it’s all moonlit strolls under the stars? Think again. Vanessa doesn’t make anything easy, always questioning our bond. Good thing I’ve got endless stamina… I’ll show her what a real Orkarian warrior is made of. Our love life is hotter than a supernova, and the adventures never stop. She tries to play hard to get, but I know she can’t resist all this for long. This is one wild ride across the cosmos you won’t want to miss. So strap in and get ready – things are gonna get messy.

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