Lucky in Lovelace by J. Rodriguez (ePUB)

lucky in lovelace, j rodriguez

Lucky in Lovelace (Sensual Space #2) by J. Rodriguez – Free eBooks Download


Image is everything…and his is etched firmly in her mind.

On a flight to Dakejway, a city where lust and violence reign supreme, PR rep Cassie Kim crosses paths with Gar Bly, a baker and hinderbeast tamer who requests her help getting into the upcoming Grimwar Games.
At first, Cassie refuses. She’s got enough on her plate, overhauling Dakejway’s image, but when Gar gets down on his knees…well, no girl can resist a man willing to beg for it.
She offers him an hour of professional advice, and he offers to buy her dinner.
But even though Gar is charming, handsome (taming hinderbeasts definitely hasn’t hurt his physique), and packed into his pants, Cassie declines. She’s suffered enough heartache caused by men who act just as into her as Gar (a certain career-driven ex-fiancé comes to mind), but they just as quickly flee the scene.
Still, Cassie can’t stop thinking about Gar, and when the chance arises to improve the city’s image AND help him into the Games, she finds herself working for fresh-baked bread…and kisses.
But not everyone wants Cassie to fix the city.
And not everyone wants her to be with Gar.

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