Always Falling Behind by Beth Gelman (ePUB)

always falling behind, beth gelman

Always Falling Behind (Dazed and Confused #1) by Beth Gelman – Free eBooks Download


Never hitch a ride with a stranger.
It was never even a consideration until my car broke down and I had an inheritance to collect.
When money was involved, I would pocket my morals and values and do the forbidden things my deceased mother instilled in me – survive.
Only this stranger looked hot, had a sexy smile, a rockin’ body. I didn’t care that he tripped over his words every time he spoke to me. I figured if he was a real killer, he’d be smoother in his script. Elias McGinnis is anything but scripted.
I’m Abigail Farnsworth-Burton. Heiress. Aspiring artist of mediums I’m not practiced in. Aspiring chef of meals I’ve never eaten. And, ADHD. Basically, it means I now own more than I can wrap my head around and limited life experience to tackle this enormous responsibility. My only saving grace is my new friend, Amy. She always knows exactly how to get things done. Too bad she’s a chicken.
I’m always falling behind in my responsibilities, but this time, I will prevail. I’ll make sure of it. If I only had a plan – and some actual money. Oh, and a car.

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