Enthralled by a Lustful Viscount by Lucy Langton (ePUB)

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Enthralled by a Lustful Viscount by Lucy Langton – Free eBooks Download


Hannah Webster has never known the temptations of the outside world. When she secures her very first position as a maid of Lady Grace Caldwell and sets off for Frawley Park, she thinks there is nothing more she wants or needs in life… Or is there? She definitely never expected to desperately need her mistress’s younger brother, the alluring and charismatic Viscount Sculthorpe. Grace has warned her about him… about how he might try to lift her skirts, if she isn’t careful. Unfortunately, the innocent Hannah barely knows what that even means. The only thing she knows is the untamable desire she feels whenever the Viscount stares at her, with his intense green eyes… Soon, sparks will fly, but what if some of them catch on fire? Will she decide to dance on the wild side?

Thomas Caldwell, the Viscount Sculthorpe, is heir to the Earldom and knows that responsibility awaits him. Until then, he is content with chasing ladies and conquering their kisses. His sister’s fetching new maid has caught his eye and for him, it means nothing more than the thrill of the chase and a quick tumble at the bottom of the stairwell. At least that’s what he thought until he begins experiencing profound feelings he can’t recognise. He knows he is playing a dangerous game with her, but he just can’t stop himself… How far is he willing to go to avoid losing the seductive beauty who has reawakened his desires and captured his heart?

As Hannah and The Viscount skirt around each other and their feelings deepen, a dangerous game of passion and longing develops between them. Even though she knows this passionate affair can lead nowhere, it is beyond Hannah’s powers to resist the temptation. After all, it is common knowledge that high ranking gentlemen such as Thomas do not make a habit of marrying maids… Could Hannah and Thomas possibly manage to forge a happy and passionate future for themselves against all odds? Or will society’s restrictions put out the flame of their burning connection?

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