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Employee of the Month (Summertime Sadness #1) by Nyla Lily – Free eBooks Download


Summer vacation was supposed to be my time to lift up my feet and relax. Instead, I’m cleaning up after a grumpy art collector. While I’m scrubbing his floors, he’s living my dream of relaxation. At least my paychecks aren’t bad.
I’m not sure I can take unwanted criticism for a single day, let alone my whole break.
Time alone with the older man reveals he’s not the worst person to work under. Even he can form a soft spot for me. I’m not much different.
Once I catch him watching me, it’s game over. When he doesn’t look away, I know my feelings are matched. Falling in love is dangerous.
Vacation won’t last forever. I’ll eventually have to say goodbye.
All I can do is dread for that day to come and survive for as long as I can without getting my heart broken in the process.

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