Embracing Darkness by N. Slater (ePUB)

embracing darkness, n slater

Embracing Darkness (Sinful Surrender #1) by N. Slater – Free eBooks Download


By far, I am the smartest in my family, however when it comes to relationships, my best attempt was a disaster. My ex-fiancé’s obsession with me and my top-secret dissertation knows no bounds, not even when I slap a restraining order on his difficult ass.
He keeps promising me forever and all I want to do is hide behind the two things that have never lied to me: sugar and numbers. They’ve never failed me, never pretended to be anything different, and offer a perfect distraction from a life that has only provided me trauma.
Until three men walk into my life to complete a kitchen renovation I didn’t ask for. It wouldn’t have been so bad had I not slept with two of them yesterday and the other one hot as sin salivating over the chance to bend me over the unfinished counter.
What should have been a quick business transaction and a one-night stand finds me knees deep in a world I had no idea existed. More than just my dissertation is on the line. The connection between my ex, my work, and these men way are more tangled than I had ever anticipated.
For once in my life I’ll have to trust more than just numbers and sugars.
I’ll have to trust the three men who have vowed to keep me safe from a world I don’t understand.
It helps that I’m falling in love with all three of them but will the universe let me be that greedy or will this little tidbit of happiness be ripped from me too?

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